I was raised by matriarchs. Shortly after I was born, my mom left the Philippines to find work in the United States. My father was not around so she left me and my brother in the care of her mother and three younger sisters, and we would not see her again until I was eight years old. My mom, lola, and titas were a parenting network that spanned the Pacific Ocean, pouring into us everything that they had so that they could ensure our survival and our future. They were the caretakers, the wage-earners, the comedic relief. These women did everything and were everything, and I am a product of their combined love, dedication, and hard work.

This project has been my way of honoring the sacrifices that the women in my family have made. It is a process of healing- of making sense of the legacy of colonialism that lead to my fragmented family, and disassembling the troublesome paradigm that made leaving our land preferable or even necessary, in order to survive. It is also a way to celebrate the incredible will, strength, and sometimes utter madness, that Filipinas- Pinays- seem to have rooted in their spirits. It is a journey to record our individual experiences and connect them to one another. In getting to know these women- my own family, included- and sharing our stories, I have found comfort and a sense of being rooted. 

I dedicate this project to my mom, Perla. Thank you, for everything.

If you are a Filipina who has emigrated from the Philippines and would like to participate in this project, I would love to hear from you! Please visit my About page to contact me.